Pasta Sauces 101

Date: Fri June 23rd
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Price: $95 per person


Straight from our Italian chef, you will learn everything you need to know to have a perfect pasta dish...just like that one you had in Rome when you went on holiday, remember?
We will learn how to buy pasta and how to chose between the different shapes and brands.

We will learn (and eat) some of the Italian classics:

  • Putanesca - Vegetarian
  • Cacio e Pepe - Vegetarian
  • Aglio Olio Peperoncino - Vegan
  • Tomato Sauce - Vegan
  • Basil Pesto - Vegetarian
  • Carbonara - Meat
  • Sicilian breadcrumbs


*Please note this couse was orginally listed for June 21st. It has now been moved to the 23rd.*