Virtual Pizza Making 101

It seems everyone around us is either Baking Bread or Making Pizza! 

There are many different ways of creating a pie at home! 

We will cover 3 techniques for making Pizza at home, whether you have a pizza oven, pizza stone or simply a pizza screen!

We will make the dough from scratch together, while that rests, we will make sauce and cover all the 101's on toppings. 

We will then hand stretch a pizza together and share all our amazing creations! 

You may also make your dough in advance to have ready (talk about building flavour!) and sit back and watch techniques to help refine your skills! 

You can choose a sauce or make all three! 

Make this class your own and join us for a fun evening filled with everything pizza!



  • Fresh Pizza Dough (makes 3 portions)
  • Fresh Tomato Sauce 
  • From Scratch Cream Sauce 
  • From Scratch Basil Pesto 
  • Variety of Toppings with Tips and Tricks


Structure: Virtual Hands-On

Date: Saturday March 20th 2021

Time: 3pm-6pm (3 hours)

Platform: Zoom, class will open 20-30 mins prior to allow ample time to get comfortable.

Level: Adult, Beginner-Intermediate 

Price: $45 + tax

Please review your grocery list, prep list and equipment requirements prior to class. We may ask to have some items prepped in advance to help with the flow of class.

Have your tablet, laptop or phone fully charged and ready for class.

Our chefs look forward to hosting you and creating a delicious meal together!

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This class will run with a minimum of 8 participants.

To register- Click Below, or call us at 416-922-9055