Brianne Nash  In-house Chef

Brianne Nash

Brianne started cooking ten years ago out of high school and never looked back. It’s taken her to various competitions: one win taking her to study in Spain and another as a Chopped Canada Champion.

  • She graduated form Humber college culinary apprenticeship with honors
  • Was head chef at an Italian fusion restaurant
  • Participated and won the Nella Cucina Discovered Chef competition in 2012 and studied out of a 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Span – Casa a Gerarado in Asturias
  • Competed on Chopped Canada Season 1 episode 7 and won!
  • Made the move to Toronto and continued her career in the city, with experiences in the French, Spanish and modern cuisine
  • Recently started to share her passion at Nella Cucina, teaching and demoing her knowledge