Our class formats are divided into four broad categories:

(I) = Hands-On Individual
12-16 Guests
Average Price - $95 to $125
Designed as a more intense, workshop style class, this format is preferred by those who want to perfect a skill or recipe at their own pace. Guests work independently or in pairs at their own workstation with specific instruction and careful attention from our Chefs. Non-alcoholic beverages provided. Guests will enjoy some of the food they have prepared with the group after class, and also have a package to take-home.
(T) = Hands-On Team 

24 Guests
Average Price - $95
Casual and entertaining, yet highly informative and educational, the Hands-On Team classes are our most popular format at Nella Cucina. Great for couples or small groups of friends to attend together! Guests will be divided into small teams of 3-5 and work together on a set of recipes. In most classes, teams will prepare 2-3 recipes together. Non-alcoholic beverages provided. Guests will enjoy a buffet or family-style meal of the dishes everyone has prepared.
(D) = Interactive Demo 

24-40 Guests

Pricing varies with each Event
This class format is just like watching a live cooking show! Learn tips and tricks from the best Chefs in Toronto and beyond, right before your eyes. The setting is casual and interactive, and guests will enjoy food prepared by the Chef throughout the event. Chefs often ask guests to assist with some preparation, and asking questions throughout is highly encouraged.
(S) = Specialty Tastings, Guest Speakers, and Demonstrations 

Up to 40 Guests – Varies by Class

Pricing Varies with Each Event
Nella Cucina is proud to offer exciting culinary events that are delicious, informative, and entertaining. Join us for olive oil tastings, nutritional experts, artisanal food purveyors, and more. Enjoy samples, meet talented and knowledgeable experts in their field, and go home with recipes to impress your friends!