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Written by  Chef Andrew R. Eade
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Hand gestures, scribbles and pictures can only go so far. I'm thrilled I took Spanish in grades 11 and 12 which a solid base of French for 10 years. Yes, Food is universal but only when you understand how to read a recipe written in a different language.

It's Day 2 at Restaurant Bo-Tic in La Bisbal D'empordà, Spain. Yesterday I was working Paòla most of the day. She has been working at Bo-Tic for 2 years with Chef Albert. Every single vegetable trimming, shrimp shells and morsel gets used for some amazing dish. Rayan is a native Catalonian whose parents were born in the Philippines. He is 19 has been cooking at Bo-Tic for 3 years. He showed me today how to make three spheres 1. Passion Fruit 2. Lime & Ginger 3. Pincha Maruña. 

The newest addition to team is Albert from a local town who staged at El Bulli before closing. He is working Hot Plates. His sauces are incredible and today was working on a gnocchi made from pure eggplant and a type of powders that can withstand high heat. It needs some tweaking because the texture is a bit off and needs more punch. I suggested some lemon zest and pine nut powder. He liked that. Well tweak it tomorrow.

Making a roux at Bo-Tic is blasphemy. The flour and butter is diluting the flavours says Chef Albert. Instead they use Gelespessa - See picture below:


Gelespessa instantly thickens without having to cook it out or dilute the flavours. 

I was surprised to hear that it illegal to use fresh eggs in the kitchen because of the risk of salmonella. They use a full range of natural extracts which is created by Sosa.

I'm making staff meal on Saturday. I brought a wide variety of Canadian products from Forbes Wild Foods on my voyage. I plan to find some killer local seafood and make a version on Brandade with a stinging nettle pesto and orange, pine and pine nut salad. 

In the supermarkets, they  are lined with fermented sausages and a bunch of Map packaged meat and perfect baby veg (baby carrots and turnips):


This is the view from the kitchen window:

I have to get back to cleaning Sea snails - Los Caricolles del Mar

Ciao for now,


Chef Andrew R. Eade

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