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I have had a great experience staging at Restaurant Bo.tic , Chef Albert and his team are super friendly, knowledgeable and know how to create beautiful plates using contemporary techniques to make for a memorable food moments. Below is a course inspired by Crême Catalan - the eggs are actually a chocolate dipped custard and the small yolks are mango spheres, the liquid is a sweetened lime cream.

All of his plates are custom made by a famous local potter just outside of La Bisbal D'empordà. 

I was not surprised to learn that Chef Albert learned his ways under the Roca brothers and when asked where The Roca Brothers recommend to eat Fine Dining in Costa Brava they say Bo.Tic. 

Speaking of the Roca Brothers, Alyssa and I adventured into Girona and went to El Cellar de Can Roca (The San Pellagrino #1 restaurant in the world) 

Unfortunately because it was Sunday and almost everybody was either at home or at church the restaurant was closed. We are happy to say we went to the Worlds best restaurant, unfortunately we didn't eat there. We did manage to eat at the Roca Brothers Willy Wonka-Esque Ice Cream Shop - Rocambolesc Gelateria

Please note the imaginative ice cream flavours such as Asparagus & Truffle Ice Cream or Parmesan Ice Cream.

Below is a brioche bun that gets filled with soft serve ice cream and wild toppings and then pressed with the company logo.

Sorry Mom & Dad, I haven't been eating my vegetables because the quality, variety and sheer quantity of meat that is outstanding. 

Alyssa and I spent one day/night in Barcelona. We walked over 30,000 steps touring the EPIC Boqueria (Lively market that veers just off Las Ramblas)

We paid our respects to the most influential architect in Barcelona Gaudi at Sagrada Familia (a church that been under construction for over 100 years - Please note that no pictures will do this justice)

Today we are taking a 5 hour train towards the Pinxhos Capital of the World - San Sebastián. Where tapas means so much more to a people that just small portions. The true reason for small portions isn't for the restaurant to take advantage of their patrons. Tapas or Pinxhos is about giving the patrons or guests the variety to try an assortments of dishes. You can hop from one place to another without the necessity of filing up on THE main course. The design and vibe of the city is all about being social. San Sebastián is located 10km to the border of France. There is a huge influence by the Basque 

Chef Andrew R. Eade

Hand gestures, scribbles and pictures can only go so far. I'm thrilled I took Spanish in grades 11 and 12 which a solid base of French for 10 years. Yes, Food is universal but only when you understand how to read a recipe written in a different language.

It's Day 2 at Restaurant Bo-Tic in La Bisbal D'empordà, Spain. Yesterday I was working Paòla most of the day. She has been working at Bo-Tic for 2 years with Chef Albert. Every single vegetable trimming, shrimp shells and morsel gets used for some amazing dish. Rayan is a native Catalonian whose parents were born in the Philippines. He is 19 has been cooking at Bo-Tic for 3 years. He showed me today how to make three spheres 1. Passion Fruit 2. Lime & Ginger 3. Pincha Maruña. 

The newest addition to team is Albert from a local town who staged at El Bulli before closing. He is working Hot Plates. His sauces are incredible and today was working on a gnocchi made from pure eggplant and a type of powders that can withstand high heat. It needs some tweaking because the texture is a bit off and needs more punch. I suggested some lemon zest and pine nut powder. He liked that. Well tweak it tomorrow.

Making a roux at Bo-Tic is blasphemy. The flour and butter is diluting the flavours says Chef Albert. Instead they use Gelespessa - See picture below:


Gelespessa instantly thickens without having to cook it out or dilute the flavours. 

I was surprised to hear that it illegal to use fresh eggs in the kitchen because of the risk of salmonella. They use a full range of natural extracts which is created by Sosa.

I'm making staff meal on Saturday. I brought a wide variety of Canadian products from Forbes Wild Foods on my voyage. I plan to find some killer local seafood and make a version on Brandade with a stinging nettle pesto and orange, pine and pine nut salad. 

In the supermarkets, they  are lined with fermented sausages and a bunch of Map packaged meat and perfect baby veg (baby carrots and turnips):


This is the view from the kitchen window:

I have to get back to cleaning Sea snails - Los Caricolles del Mar

Ciao for now,


Chef Andrew R. Eade