Food Revolution - Vegetarian Culinary Competition

Saturday April 25th

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm


In preparation to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution day, come support the event by participating in a friendly vegetarian cooking challenge.  All beginners are welcome!

For more information on the movement:

Twitter @FoodRev

Twitter @nellacucina

The Food Revolution project aims to change the way people eat by educating every child about food, empowering families by arming them with the skills and knowledge to cook again, and inspiring everyone to stand up for their rights to better food, which in turn, will fight the epidemic of diet-related diseases.

Thank you to our sponsors:
Nella Cucina, Sobeys, Rawlicious, Sweets from the Earth, Susur Lee, The Detox Market, Boxcar Social, RISE Kombucha, Aroma