Wednesday, 25 November 2015 19:09

The Traveling Chef

I have had a great experience staging at Restaurant Bo.tic , Chef Albert and his team are super friendly, knowledgeable and know how to create beautiful plates using contemporary techniques to make for a memorable food moments. Below is a course inspired by Crême Catalan - the eggs are actually a chocolate dipped custard and the small yolks are mango spheres, the liquid is a sweetened lime cream.

All of his plates are custom made by a famous local potter just outside of La Bisbal D'empordà. 

I was not surprised to learn that Chef Albert learned his ways under the Roca brothers and when asked where The Roca Brothers recommend to eat Fine Dining in Costa Brava they say Bo.Tic. 

Speaking of the Roca Brothers, Alyssa and I adventured into Girona and went to El Cellar de Can Roca (The San Pellagrino #1 restaurant in the world) 

Unfortunately because it was Sunday and almost everybody was either at home or at church the restaurant was closed. We are happy to say we went to the Worlds best restaurant, unfortunately we didn't eat there. We did manage to eat at the Roca Brothers Willy Wonka-Esque Ice Cream Shop - Rocambolesc Gelateria

Please note the imaginative ice cream flavours such as Asparagus & Truffle Ice Cream or Parmesan Ice Cream.

Below is a brioche bun that gets filled with soft serve ice cream and wild toppings and then pressed with the company logo.

Sorry Mom & Dad, I haven't been eating my vegetables because the quality, variety and sheer quantity of meat that is outstanding. 

Alyssa and I spent one day/night in Barcelona. We walked over 30,000 steps touring the EPIC Boqueria (Lively market that veers just off Las Ramblas)

We paid our respects to the most influential architect in Barcelona Gaudi at Sagrada Familia (a church that been under construction for over 100 years - Please note that no pictures will do this justice)

Today we are taking a 5 hour train towards the Pinxhos Capital of the World - San Sebastián. Where tapas means so much more to a people that just small portions. The true reason for small portions isn't for the restaurant to take advantage of their patrons. Tapas or Pinxhos is about giving the patrons or guests the variety to try an assortments of dishes. You can hop from one place to another without the necessity of filing up on THE main course. The design and vibe of the city is all about being social. San Sebastián is located 10km to the border of France. There is a huge influence by the Basque 

Chef Andrew R. Eade

Hand gestures, scribbles and pictures can only go so far. I'm thrilled I took Spanish in grades 11 and 12 which a solid base of French for 10 years. Yes, Food is universal but only when you understand how to read a recipe written in a different language.

It's Day 2 at Restaurant Bo-Tic in La Bisbal D'empordà, Spain. Yesterday I was working Paòla most of the day. She has been working at Bo-Tic for 2 years with Chef Albert. Every single vegetable trimming, shrimp shells and morsel gets used for some amazing dish. Rayan is a native Catalonian whose parents were born in the Philippines. He is 19 has been cooking at Bo-Tic for 3 years. He showed me today how to make three spheres 1. Passion Fruit 2. Lime & Ginger 3. Pincha Maruña. 

The newest addition to team is Albert from a local town who staged at El Bulli before closing. He is working Hot Plates. His sauces are incredible and today was working on a gnocchi made from pure eggplant and a type of powders that can withstand high heat. It needs some tweaking because the texture is a bit off and needs more punch. I suggested some lemon zest and pine nut powder. He liked that. Well tweak it tomorrow.

Making a roux at Bo-Tic is blasphemy. The flour and butter is diluting the flavours says Chef Albert. Instead they use Gelespessa - See picture below:


Gelespessa instantly thickens without having to cook it out or dilute the flavours. 

I was surprised to hear that it illegal to use fresh eggs in the kitchen because of the risk of salmonella. They use a full range of natural extracts which is created by Sosa.

I'm making staff meal on Saturday. I brought a wide variety of Canadian products from Forbes Wild Foods on my voyage. I plan to find some killer local seafood and make a version on Brandade with a stinging nettle pesto and orange, pine and pine nut salad. 

In the supermarkets, they  are lined with fermented sausages and a bunch of Map packaged meat and perfect baby veg (baby carrots and turnips):


This is the view from the kitchen window:

I have to get back to cleaning Sea snails - Los Caricolles del Mar

Ciao for now,


Chef Andrew R. Eade

Friday, 14 September 2012 00:00

Time to say goodbye

My last day. Wow. Has it really come and gone that fast?

As the morning fills itself with sardine guts, scales and pin bones I can't help but smile a little bit. I am happy the challenge of language barriers and hand signals is over. At the same time, I made it. I am happy and proud of myself, no matter what anyone thinks of me in the kitchen, for me, I did it.

It's hard to believe in March I stood on the stage at the CRFA food show holding this trophy which was a ticket straight to Spain! For me, the win was the victory, winning my first competition and the second part was an experience in Spain. I couldn't have imagined then what I have experienced now.

This kitchen has showed me how a little elbow grease goes a long way. It glistens of stainless steel and expensive tools which everyone treats with the most respect. A vacuum sealer, thermo blender, ice cream machine, and everything else in between! I didn't come from a kitchen with the best of the best tools, I'd say I was more of a Nona! Using my bare hands to try and accomplish what these renowned chefs can do with their tools.

I am going home with the Spanish tortilla in my back pocket, some badass croquettes, a feel of the famous faba dish and a whole lot of elbow grease to bring to my next challenge.

Marcos and his family have a special bond with food. It's a passion, they are there everyday making sure the restaurant is exactly as they want, even grandmother (the former chef) comes in and checks things out. I want the same passion, not someone who just owns a restaurant and is never there. I want my own Casa Gerardo.

I hope for all those who followed my blogs you have enjoyed reading about each physical, emotion and mental challenge I have experienced. I hope one day, that is my kitchen people want to come work in.

Cheers to everyone who read along! Thank you for reading! Until the next journey. XO

Thursday, 13 September 2012 00:00

Say cheese!

It's nice that things become familiar after so much watching and little talking. I know where to get myself started in the morning. I also know who needs what and how to hand gesture my way through tasks.

Marcos is off to London tomorrow to do some work for his restaurant. Excitement fills his voice. I can only imagine the feel of owning another successful restaurant! I will definitely make a visit there upon my next visit to London.

I got some great insight today for a lot of dishes which Xune prepares. His English is the best and easier to understand and he is in charge of their famous dish! Also getting to sample some delicious manchego cheese, my personal favourite cheese! So glad it is available in Canada. I can picture myself beach side in Barcelona eating this cheese. Great memories!

Off to a soccer match tonight and can't wait to feel the vibe through the stadium. It's not just a sport, it's a love, passion and adrenaline rush!

Can't believe tomorrow is my last day in Asturias however looking forward to the heat and sun of central Madrid :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 00:00

A little taste of Canada

Another awesome day in the kitchen! Hard to believe my journey at Casa Gerardo is coming to an end.

It's been such an amazing experience, however think I will be happy to be back in an English kitchen upon my return!

I asked to help clean the fridge and as I approached it I was looked at like a crazy woman. Oh the deep fryer!! That's not a fridge! Haha!

We had a tennis team request the restaurant for dinner today so it was a nice double shift today :) A special menu for them though which was great as I got to see some new foods come through the door! One being Canadian prawns! A little bit of home in the north of Spain :)

I also got to try some amazing cheeses which were produced in Asturias today, they are very well known for the produce from cattle here, so the cheese is delicious as you can imagine!

I have managed to sneak in a weekend in Madrid for myself this weekend as I would love to see, breath and dine in all the culture I can through the whole of Spain. It's amazing to have seen the Mediterranean coast in 2009 and now the Atlantic and central this year, I feel like I have truly stomped through a good chunk of Spain!

My room mate and I have also been taking great care of each other, each night when we get home, one of us will cook dinner. Last night was garlic prawns and pesto spaghetti!

Tomorrow night I will also get to go to a soccer game in Asturias, I think that had to be on the bucket list while over here :)

Monday, 10 September 2012 00:00

Has it been a week already!

Hard to believe how fast this week has gone, it's been a blur of words I don't understand, new food, new people and a mass amount of energy to get through it all.

September is a slower month for the restaurant which is nice for me as I have a chance to see things in a slower motion.

I am absolutely exhausted from this week, but good tired. This experience continues to test me everyday whether it be mentally, emotionally or physically. I can't imagine what the busy months are like at Casa Gerardo…insane I assume.

Looking extremely forward to my day off tomorrow, hoping for sand, sun and fun in the city. Not to mention some tapas!!

Today I had a chance to ask about a lot about the recipes, everything is measured to the exact weight to ensure consistency. I love the simplicity but elegance of every dish. Like a simple shucked oyster which is served with its juices along with garlic oil and cider vinegar into a warm plate topped with pork belly pieces.

Each day brings something new I get my eyes on and maybe a Spanish word or two ;) I am teaching English and learning Spanish VERY slowly. I was always a hands on girl, not so much languages and mathematics, but these are all things to overcome and build a stronger me.

Saturday, 08 September 2012 00:00

Chef's passion is plain to see

Today was another great day in the kitchen, I am in absolute awe of the regiment in Casa Gerardo. It is amazing to watch chef Marcos work, always ideas and experiments running through his mind, even if it's all in Spanish, I can see the passion flowing through his expression. A lot of excitement for his new project in London, England. He is consistently going back and forth between Spain and London at the moment working on new ideas and business plans.

I started my day much like yesterday as those things are becoming familiar to me. Preparing the meats for the faba dish and lots of vacuum sealing, something which I am not used to working with. There is an immense amount of cleaning daily here, hence why the kitchen shines beautifully!

I very much enjoy that the whole staff sits down for a meal before starting lunch service. Though I may not understand a lot of what is said over lunch, it's nice to watch everyone enjoy together like a second family.

I am slowly learning some secrets behind the masterpieces, like why the faba dish is so creamy and delicious with a nice hunk of butter making its way in the preparation. I also really enjoy the smell of burning sugar that fills the air during service of the brulee rice pudding and soaked bread dessert, must find the proper Spanish name for this dish!

Many sorbets are produced in the kitchen, some flavours being cherry, lemon, chocolate and passionfruit. One particular dessert is dredged in Bailey's, right up my alley, topped with chocolate ice cream.

I am also very excited for my day off on Monday, filled with friends, beach, food and drink! Not to mention a family who has helped me out very much and would like to cook me a Spanish paella! Mmmm! Everything is enjoyable, it's nice to be free of my Canadian mind and be caught up with an oblivious mind to beautiful culture :) Not to mention my favourite cervazas, Estrella, at my finger tips!

Cheers to my first Spanish weekend since 2009! Ciao!

Friday, 07 September 2012 00:00

Learning with my eyes

Today surprisingly didn't start as every other morning, no chopping fish heads as the sun rises! I helped prepare the meats for the faba dish, also had a chance to try a faba croquette which was absolutely delicious! It is the meat of the beans with chorizo perfect tapas!

I also had a chance to watch in on a braised chicken dish and to my surprise to thicken the sauce for this dish the onions and peppers are forced through a fine mesh strainer. Really love the flavour of this dish! Once cooled I vacuum packed all the chicken as for quick service it is warmed in boiling water.

Last night I had a chance to cook for my room mate Thomas, we enjoyed some Moscato wine and a basil and cheese pasta with Brie cheese toasts! I was happy to get my hands on some of my favourite cheese at the grocery store! Also amazing by the selection of cured meats available at the grocery store, one whole section dedicated to it!

The days are long on Friday and Saturday, we work 9am-5pm then back from 9pm-11:30pm, the nights being much slower then the siesta time! Tomorrow I hope I am able to jump in even more, it's very hard only having two weeks in a non English speaking kitchen, I am learning a lot with just my eyes, a whole new experience.

I feel extremely prepared to enter a new kitchen when I return and to continue my culinary journey through kitchens anywhere across the world. There are ups and downs putting yourself out there in a whole new culture and environment. If your adventure doesn't test your deepest emotion it's not a real adventure but just a vacation.

Here's to another day!

Thursday, 06 September 2012 00:00

A taste of something special

It seems like everyday will start the same with fish heads, pin bones and guts in the freezing cold working beside the fish cookery chef. He is a master at it. I've seen such a variety of fish and seafood in the freezer beside him :)

Today I tried to help where I could with whatever plates needed, food to the line and the famous faba dish.

I'm still not sure if they will give me all the secrets to the dish. But I did see the famous saffron go in though. ;)

Today Casa Gerardo featured a special menu for the restaurant they plan to open in London. This menu I was a little more familiar with. I think Marcos Moran will do very well in London. I had the chance to taste a sauce for braised chicken and it was absolutely delicious! I could eat a huge plate of that decadent chicken!

I am very interested in a dessert dish where bread is soaked in heavy cream, vanilla, sugar and milk and left for a day to set, they then brûlée it and top it with vanilla ice cream, toffee orange sauce and fresh orange zest! Mmm! I also like the looks of the brûlée of rice pudding! Why did I never do this before? My mom loves rice pudding and I plan to make this for her!

Looking forward to where another night in Gijon will take me. Till the next!

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 00:00

Passion for food needs no translation

Felt recharged today with a good night sleep and ready to learn. Started my day very similar to yesterday. I’m back in the freezer gutting fish, snipping their heads off, and removing pin bones! After that I began cooking clams, plating the meat portion of the faba dish and lots of other dishes!

I am slowly picking up Spanish words while I can't help but regret dropping languages in high school. Although, it is nice to be oblivious and just learn with my eyes. I am watching every move and hoping to be able to jump in where I can!

It is amazing to watch everyone work and love what they do. There is a true love and passion for food in this kitchen which can be hard to find in the hustle bustle of everyday North American life. However, McDonalds and Burger King have yet to find themselves in this little town.

I am really enjoying the multicultural influence that the restaurant brings! People from all over the world are here to absorb the culture of Spain.

My room mate is from Hong Kong and we have more similarities than I expected. We plan to cook an Italian feast for dinner one night this week - ha! I’m looking forward to another day at Casa Gerardo tomorrow.

The evenings after work manage to fill themselseves with Spanish food, beer and new found friends, even if we speak through google translate! Cheers to another day!

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