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A taste of something special

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It seems like everyday will start the same with fish heads, pin bones and guts in the freezing cold working beside the fish cookery chef. He is a master at it. I've seen such a variety of fish and seafood in the freezer beside him :)

Today I tried to help where I could with whatever plates needed, food to the line and the famous faba dish.

I'm still not sure if they will give me all the secrets to the dish. But I did see the famous saffron go in though. ;)

Today Casa Gerardo featured a special menu for the restaurant they plan to open in London. This menu I was a little more familiar with. I think Marcos Moran will do very well in London. I had the chance to taste a sauce for braised chicken and it was absolutely delicious! I could eat a huge plate of that decadent chicken!

I am very interested in a dessert dish where bread is soaked in heavy cream, vanilla, sugar and milk and left for a day to set, they then brûlée it and top it with vanilla ice cream, toffee orange sauce and fresh orange zest! Mmm! I also like the looks of the brûlée of rice pudding! Why did I never do this before? My mom loves rice pudding and I plan to make this for her!

Looking forward to where another night in Gijon will take me. Till the next!

Brianne Nash

Brianne Nash, head chef at Saucy restaurant in Mississauga, was our 2012 Discovered Culinary Competition winner! She won the contest featuring up-and-coming culinary stars competing against the clock, at  the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association show in Toronto. Chef Nash's prize was an all-expenses-paid trip to spend a week cooking at Casa Gerardo, a Michelin-star restaurant in northern Spain.

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